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Scud-Class Missile Launched by North Korea

North Korea has fired one ballistic missile of short range Monday that landed off the country’s east coast in the sea, just the latest in a series of fast-paced missile tests that defy world pressure and the threat of additional sanctions. The missile is believed to have been a ballistic missile that was Scud-class and […]

Vice President Pence Says North Korea Should Not Test U.S. Resolve

On Monday, United States Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea it could receive the same treatment as Afghanistan and Syria, both of which the White House bombed recently, if it were to continue with its nuclear testing program. The stern warning, delivered by the vice president in Seoul following his visit to the demilitarized […]

White House Administration Hits North Korea with Sanctions

The White House imposed sanctions on Friday against members of the government of North Korean, amounting to the first official response by the U.S. government to the hacking against Sony Pictures. Despite some lingering questions from analysts at private security firms over whether the government of North Korea was the ones responsible for the cyber […]

United States Reportedly Asking China for Help with North Korea

The White House administration has apparently asked China for some help with curbing the ability of North Korea to launch their cyberattacks, like the one an official in the Obama administration said was crippling to Sony Pictures, says a published report. A national newspaper reported that the Obama administration requested Beijing’s help recently but the […]