John Podesta, the former chief of staff for former President Bill Clinton is being brought back by current President Barack Obama for a year as one of his top advisers, an official in the administration confirmed on Monday.

Podesta is a longtime operative in the Democratic Party who was the leader of the transition team for Obama. He will return to a White House that has been hit with popularity problems because of the problems with the healthcare law rollout, the unpopular then abandoned push for military action against Syria and the continued controversy surrounding the nation’s surveillance practices.

This move is the White House administration’s second major addition as Denis McDonough, the chief of staff attempts to shake up a White House that is coming under fire of late from not only foes but friends alike.

Last Friday, officials at the White House said Phil Schiliro, the former director of Legislative Affairs at the White House, would return for a short period to help the coordination between members of Congress and government agencies as ObamaCare is being implemented.

Podesta is expected to also advise McDonough on Obama’s signature healthcare law. Podesta is expected to counsel the administration on climate change as part of the President’s second term agenda.

Podesta has discussed the issue frequently in the role he has as the Center of American Progress founder, a liberal, prominent think tank based in Washington.

Podesta tweeted a report from CAP on Friday encouraging Sally Jewell the Interior Secretary and Tom Vilsack the Agriculture Secretary to establish new goals in lowering the carbon emissions from the country’s public lands.

During his speech over the economy hosted by the same group, Obama praised the group for having done exceptional work over expanding opportunity for everyone in the U.S.

He said he was grateful for all the good policy ideas CAP had given him, as well as giving him staff members. Obama continued on to call Podesta a friend.

Podesta’s return is a slight surprise after a report released in Washington in November said he and Jim Messina, the former campaign manager for Obama were talking seriously about rebooting the political action committee Priorities USA, which helped Obama’s effort for reelection. The idea was to use the committee to help in the possible election campaign for Hillary Clinton.