6 Simple Steps: How to Become a Politician

American-PoliticsFancy getting involved in the political world? It’s easier than you think.

Although attaining the status of political powerhouses like Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela requires a lifelong commitment, success on a smaller scale is relatively straightforward.

However, whether you dream of making noticeable changes to your local community or becoming President of the World (when it eventually comes up), there are a few steps you need to follow first.

From gaining a college degree to volunteering in your local community, a career in politics requires you to give something back to the people before you earn their trust.

By adding each of the steps below to your armoury, you’ll be the King of Congress or the Duke of Downing Street in no time.

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1. Go to College

Realistically, a degree is not a prerequisite for becoming a politician, but considering the brainpower of the company you’ll typically keep, a good education is advisable. The didactic route you choose is your call, but a distance learning degree allows you to hit the books as you juggle other commitments in your quest to reach the political apex.

2. Choose Your Course Wisely

Of course, what you study is important, with degrees in economics, business, political science, international relations and law helping to equip you for a flourishing political career. Not only do these courses prepare you to deal with the intricacies of the job, but you’ll be in good company, as the majority of politicians tend to follow a very similar academic route.

3. Volunteer Your Time

All good politicians are altruistic souls, right? Well, not quite, but to get a foot on the political ladder, a resume filled with volunteering activities paints the right picture to prospective parties. After all, a person who gives up their own time to help others in their community can only be a good thing. Whether it’s a homeless shelter or a charity shop, it always helps to show how well-rounded you really are.

4. Join a Political Party

If you really want to make a go of your political career, standing on a soapbox in your local park orating to one man and his dog is not going to cut the mustard. Instead, you should be looking to join a well-known political party so you can begin hobnobbing with those with the same affiliation and mindset.

5. Ignite Your Passion

If you plan to enter the political arena for financial reasons only, you’d be better off becoming a mechanic. For many politicians, the desire to get involved stems from a cause close to their heart. Whether it’s feminism, human rights or workers’ rights, it’s important that you believe in something – something to inspire you – before you even think about getting involved.

6. Brush Up Your Public Speaking Skills

You won’t find many politicians who are short of words – which is why, to get your voice heard, you need to ensure your public speaking skills are beyond reproach. While it may make you nervous to begin with, every successful politician is a confident orator. Take a look at Obama or Tony Blair to find examples of political leaders with the skills to have an audience eating out of the palm of their hands.