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Trump Presidency: White House Turning into a Corporate Deal Making Arena

Even before the president elect Donald Trump lands into the Oval Office, he has already started walking the talk. Having rallied millions of Americans to vote for him with the promise of creating jobs locally and bringing back manufacturing to the US; Trump seem to be determined to start quenching their thirst way before setting […]

The economics of a Trump Presidency

Coming as a shock to the whole world after the US Election Day, from January 20th 2017 at noon time, president elect Donald J Trump will fully assume office as the 45th president of the United States of America. That he is taking over from an incumbent is huge enough to make markets jittery as […]

Apple Earnings on Deck, Investors Watching Closely

Earnings season is approaching and many investors are watching for how the world’s largest company, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), performed. Apple is set to report its earnings in late October 2016 and some investors may want to engage in share trading in this mega cap name. Apple iPhone sales will be one number that investors […]

Famous Presidents Who Snored (And What People Thought About Them)

Snoring – it’s a problem that’s plagued spouses, roommates and traveling companions for as long as we’ve been on Earth. Stress has been linked to snoring, so it’s no wonder that so many presidents have had documented snoring problems. Here are eight presidents whose snoring was so severe it made it into the history books. […] Offers an Alternative to

DALLAS, TEXAS –® offers a way for Texas residents to find the right energy plan for them at the best possible price. Consumers recently complained about deceptively low prices on, a website managed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The team strives to prevent this by offering a consultative and confusion-free […]

6 Simple Steps: How to Become a Politician

Fancy getting involved in the political world? It’s easier than you think. Although attaining the status of political powerhouses like Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela requires a lifelong commitment, success on a smaller scale is relatively straightforward. However, whether you dream of making noticeable changes to your local community or becoming President of the World […]

Expats Living or Retiring Abroad

With globalization, many people are moving to foreign countries to work or retire on a semi-permanent or permanent basis. There are a myriad of different destinations across the globe that are attracting expats from countries around the world. It is often hard to get a good comprehensive overview of how it is to live and […]