As the U.S. President, Barack Obama has the authority to grant protection from any deportation to undocumented immigrants.

The big question following the midterm election is whether Obama will grant that protection for the immigrants and if so at what time.

There is also speculation as to who will be the beneficiaries of the plan and can it be stopped by Republicans.

Obama cannot back down now to Republicans as he has gone too far with his promise. If he takes action right away prior to the end of the year, the Democrats will have two years prior to having to face U.S. voters.

At the same time, millions of immigrants will start to work legally, pay taxes, open bank accounts, purchase vehicles and apply for mortgages.

The economic as well as social benefit from Obama’s decision will protect other Democrats from a backlash over anti-immigration.

The president has not allowed much to leak out about his plans nor has he showed his cards. Many believe he will give temporary protection from any deportation, as well as authorization for employment to parents of children born in the U.S.

A bigger unknown is whether the President will also give protection to those people who have 10 or more years living in the U.S.

Some say that undocumented immigrants currently with petitions pending for permanent residence will also be included.

No one is sure when the plan will be announced by Obama, but it would be a great gift for the holidays for the undocumented immigrants and their respective families. Then several months would pass before the first applications would be accepted.

Another big question is whether President Obama is authorized to grant the relief. Simply put, the answer is yes.

Being the chief executive official in the federal government Obama has authority to grant the action and other relief, based upon a number of factors including humanitarian concerns, law enforcement priorities as well as the nation’s interest.

Lawsuits cannot stop the President nor will condemnations for the legislature. The only way plausible to stop President Obama from taking this executive action, would be to withdraw funding for that program, which likely would not work either.