Hillary Clinton Expected to Announce Presidential Bid on Sunday

On Sunday, via a social media video message, Hillary Clinton is expected to launch here candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination, said a person close to the situation. She will then travel to states that are early voting such as Iowa and New Hampshire with the intention of making her case to the voter.

The Iowa trip, where a 2008 finish in third ultimately led to presidential aspirations collapsing, illustrates what her aides have said is a commitment to not taking anything for granted as she attempts for a second time to reach the White House, even though she will be the dominating force for the Democrats in 2016.

Clinton already has filmed the video, a person who is close to her campaign said, which outlines the themes of her bid for the presidency.

The message is a way for Clinton to send a signal to the Democrats that she will aggressively fight for the presidential nomination of the party.

Her decision sweeps aside over a year of speculation of her political aspirations and allows her to begin making her case to the U.S. voter.

Advisers said she is aware that activists in the Democratic Party are not looking for a coronation and she will campaign as if she has a difficult primary challenge each time.

Central to the second presidential run for Clinton will be the reintroduction of the former first lady but on her terms, to the people in the U.S.

Democrats near Clinton have started calling her the most unknown famous person anywhere in the world. Their argument is that people know Clinton, but not what her story is.

Clinton will trade rallies for smaller events with her voters, as she looks to reintroduce herself to the U.S. voters. Her supporters are urging her to take the necessary time to meet with voters on a one on one basis and to build trust in them.

The presidential campaign for Clinton has for sometime been a foregone conclusion.