Martin O’Malley will announce his intentions for the presidency on May 30 in the city of Baltimore.

An aide for O’Malley said the former governor of Maryland would have a conference call with his supporters Thursday night to discuss plans he has for the upcoming presidential campaign.

The aide was speaking on the condition of anonymity over the internal planning for O’Malley, as he did not have authorization to speak about that information publicly.

O’Malley has considered challenging Hillary Clinton the leading contender for the Democrats, for months. He spent time with voters on Wednesday in New Hampshire.

The former governor of Maryland made the headlines recently with responses he made publicly to the Baltimore violence where he previously had served as the mayor of the city. Following Freddie Gray’s death while in custody of the police, O’Malley made appearances in Baltimore.

He said he did not dedicate his life to making the city of Baltimore safer just because it was easy. O’Malley said he was ready to address the things that are wrong in the U.S. and what has to be done in order to have them fixed.

He added that there are people in parts of the large cities around the country who are disregarded and left behind making them unheard.

If O’Malley were to announce his bid for the Democratic nomination, he would be the second big player that would be challenging Clinton for the nomination. Senator Bernie Sanders an Independent from Vermont announced last week that he was seeking the Democratic nomination.

The Democrats are expected to have just three or four candidates for their party’s nomination. However, the Republican Party is quite different. There are just a handful of candidates who have officially announced for the Republicans but at least five or six others are expected to throw their hat into the ring in the next month.