Joseph Biden Meets with Elizabeth Warren, Prompts Speculation

Joseph Biden the Vice President huddled Saturday with Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts who is a rising star amongst liberals who has yet to endorse any of the candidates for the Democrats in the presidential race of 2016.

The meeting was impromptu and came as speculation has mounted over the own potential candidacy of Biden.

Biden, who started to explore a possible campaign for the White House recently, made a trip on Saturday from Wilmington his home to the VP’s official residence in Washington at the Naval Observatory to have the meeting with Warren.

The meeting of the two was reported by CNN first and afterwards a White House official declined comment but did acknowledge that the Vice President came to the capital on an unplanned trip.

The official sent out an email to the press saying Biden had traveled at the last minute to Washington for a meeting and would return to his home in Delaware.

Advisers of Warren did not make a response or release a statement regarding the meeting with Biden.

The meeting was successful in intensifying the speculation surrounding Biden’s interest in the presidential race as questions continue to nag Hillary Clinton the front runner who has been under scrutiny over the use of private email during her stint as Secretary of State in President Obama’s first term.

Earlier in the year, campaign watchers put focus on Warren and if she would be a challenger to Clinton, which prompted a Draft Warren movement, which fizzled after, she declined repeatedly to enter the presidential race.

Instead, Bernier Sanders the Vermont Senator who is an independent but with socialist views has emerged as the only strong challenger to Clinton thus far, which leaves a vacuum for certain liberals who respect the Vermont Senator but have questioned if his style could turn into a victory nationally.

Recently the super PAC Draft Biden has become the center of a different challenge to Clinton with a number of polls showing that Biden would be more trustworthy on the national level that would the former first lady and senator.