Denials Fly in Following Anonymous List of Alleged KKK Members

The Lexington, Kentucky mayor said he was not a Ku Klux Klan member. Postings by Anonymous say otherwise, but Jim Gray the Mayor said the listing was false, ridiculous and insulting.

Gray, the city’s mayor is a Democrat and was responding to a release of a list of names that were purported members of the KKK by someone who claimed to be with Anonymous the hacktivist group.

Gray said he had never had any type of relationship with any member of the KKK. He added that he was opposed to everything the group stood for.

Other names on the list started to take on Monday to Twitter to deny he has been or were members.

The postings came for a person online using the handle on Twitter of TheAnonMessage, who claims to be a representative of Anonymous.

The global online network activist said a week ago that it would expose the members of the Ku Klux Clan, along with publishing personal information about the alleged adherents.

The murky online activists world on the internet was in display in full on Monday, when a group or other individuals said it had affiliated with Anonymous Operation KKK, posted that it had not released data and implied that to do that was reckless.

The data dump started to hit sites such as PasteBin, a site used to share.

As of early Monday there were four listings including more than 57 phone number and 23 addresses for email.

Dan Coats a Republican senator from Indiana, who was named on the list, tweeted Monday to say he in no way had anything to do with the KKK.

The KKK was founded following the Civil War by former member of the confederates.