Donald Trump Facing Backlash over Comment About Ben Carson

Donald Trump unloaded on the entire field GOP candidates during a close to hour and a half speech that was laden with insults that veered from comparing retired surgeon Ben Carson to a child molester to asking about the stupidity of voters that believe his narrative.

Trump has succeeded in being rebuked by this rivals in the GOP.

The speech stunned those who heard it even by the standards Trump has been compared to and it marked a big departure from the reserved demeanor during his appearance this week in the GOP debate.

Using very harsh language, Trump focused most of his criticism on Carson, the current leader in the polls while taking a number of shots at several other candidates.

One of the most striking comments was Trump’s comparison between the pathological temper of Carson and a child molester’s mindset.

Trump said that if you are pathological there is not a cure.

He then made reference to his comments made early by saying if you are a child molester that there is not cure for that either.

After questioning the story of the retired neurosurgeon of how he came close to stabbing a friend while an adolescent, Trump said how stupid are they to believe that line in Iowa?

Carly Fiorina a rival in the GOP and the former CEO at HP shot back by saying that anyone could turn a million dollar inheritance into money, but you Mr. Trump will never be anywhere near as smart as Dr. Ben Carson.

Lindsey Graham the Senator from South Carolina said that he thinks the Trump speech marked a new turning point in the campaign.

Graham said he believes Trump had a meltdown.

On Fox News shortly after the Trump speech, a spokesperson for Trump cited the low poll number for Carson and did not know if Graham’s criticism even warranted response.

A commentator who is conservative for Fox, Mary Katharine Ham warned on Friday it could turn dangerous for Trump to attack Carson in this type of fashion.