John Kasich Produces Video Linking Trump and Nazi Germany

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio and a presidential candidate for the Republican Party released an ad on the Internet this week that links his competitor Donald Trump to the time of the Nazis in Germany.

The spot, which is 60-seconds, is titled Trump’s Dangerous Rhetoric. It features Tom Moe a retired Colonel in the Air Force, who was a POW during Vietnam. He is speaking prior to a campaign stop of Trump’s Monday in Columbus, Ohio.

Moe paraphrases Martin Niemoller a Protestant pastor and spoke out about the Nazis during their reign of terror. He spent a number of years in different concentration camps. We speaking there controversial rhetoric flashes on the screen.

The video refers to viewers not caring about Trump talking about rounding up Hispanic immigrants or roughing up protesters who are black or making Muslims register in the U.S. because they might not be any of those three groups.

It adds that you may not care if Donald Trump wants journalists suppressed as you might not be of that group either. However, it asks one to think about if Trump keeps moving forward and actually is elected president he may finally reach the group you are part of and hopefully someone will be left that could help you.

The video is similar to the Niemoller quote about how they first came for Socialists, then the Trade Unionists, then the Jews but he did not say anything as he was not any of the three. However, then they came for him and no one was left to speak on his behalf.

Kasich’s campaign shifted attention last week to Trump, arguing the billionaire businessman was unfit to run the White House.

However, the video is to date the darkest hit yet against the front-runner by another GOP candidate for the White House.