The rivals of Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination tried to show themselves as the perfect candidate on Wednesday night in an attempt to block the path of Trump to the party’s nomination and then defeat the probable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

Speaking in Houston during a special forum hosted by Fox, Cruz the Senator from Texas called upon voters from the Republican Party to unite behind his campaign saying his campaign was the only one that could beat Donald and has beat him, making a reference to his victory in the Iowa caucuses in late January.

John Kasich the governor of Ohio and Dr. Ben Carson a retired neurosurgeon both shrugged of the calls by some for them to quit with the Ohio governor saying he could beat Trump in a head-to-head race.

At one time, Kasich sparred with the Fox host who said that Republicans saw him struggling to get higher than the bottom rung and were questioning if he was stealing votes from other candidates who have a better chance of winning.

Carson said that only a small fraction of the delegates were awarded through the first four voting contests and there was a very long way still to go.

Marco Rubio the U.S. Senator from Florida who was second to Trump in the past two votes, acknowledged that Trump was the party’s frontrunner and he was the underdog, but he said he was used to being the underdog and would not allow this conservative movement to be defined by the front running candidate who is not even a conservative.

Rubio took a shot at his adversary though he did not mention the candidate’s name, for his remarks about Muslims.

Rubio said that as the president, your megaphone is huge and you set a tone and agenda for an entire country.

He added that the current president is very divisive and we should not be dividing Americans against each other.