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Mitch McConnell Refuses to Answer Questions About Trump Qualifications

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader would not answers questions on Sunday about whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was qualified to be president. McConnell said he would leave that decision to the American people. The Republican from Kentucky was pressed during a television news show on Sunday about the poor […]

Mitch McConnell Opens Door for Debate on Obama Powers

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky set the stage for a debate on legislation that would give broad authority to President Barack Obama to use military force against the radical militant group Islamic State. McConnell generally has opposed the thought of revisiting the authority of the president for Middle East military operations, warning the legal […]

Ted Cruz Says Mitch McConnell is a Liar in Attack on Senate Floor

Breaching the usual standards for courtesy in the Senate, Ted Cruz one of the Republican presidential hopefuls said the leader of his party had violated his trust over a federal bank. In an attack that stunned many, Cruz on Friday accused Mitch McConnell the majority leader in the Senate of lying and saying he was […]