The first group of troops from the Texas National Guard has arrived at the U.S./Mexico border and is taking up its respective positions said local law enforcement in the area of Hidalgo County.

The troops have taken up posts on observation and surveillance towers, which deputies put in place to monitor crowds as well as watch over crossing along the border and travelers along the Rio Grande.

Eventually more than 1,000 National Guard troops are to be deployed along the Rio Grande as part of Governor Perry’s Operation Strong Safety that he announced last month.

One of the Adjutant Generals said the troops would enhance current security by having visible presence along the river and on the ground. They will also work with law enforcement to prevent and detect criminals attempting to cross the border, to ensure the continued safety of all Texans.

However, the role of the National Guard has come into question. Under the Posse Comitaus law, the military is not permitted to make any arrests or to enforce any civil laws.

The Guardsman troops will look for any suspicious activity then report that to local authorities.

That has many people saying that the monthly $12 million cost of deploying the National Guard to the taxpayers could be spent better beefing up the local Sheriff’s offices located along the border.

Governor Perry said the National Guard would be utilized to bolster the local operations in law enforcement against drug traffickers, human smugglers and the other criminals that might take advantage of the increased attention the Border Patrol must put due to the surge of children crossing the border from Central America.

However, the surge in undocumented minors crossing the border is for the most part over.

There also is not any indication of the length of the mission of the National Guard along the U.S./Mexico border. Money for the mission has been taken out of a special fund that has been designated to make law enforcement radio systems better and that money will be finished sometime in mid October.