Ted Cruz: Democrats Will Be Victorious If GOP Candidate is Moderate

Texas Senator Ted Cruz predicted on Sunday that the Democrats would maintain the White House in the next election if the Republicans were to select as their nominee a moderate.

Speaking at the Team Party Convention of South Carolina Cruz, who is a possible candidate for the presidency, referred disparagingly to consultants in politics, as graybeards in Washington, telling the people about the middle class.

Cruz has used previously the term when talking about former governor of Massachusetts and the Republican presidential nominee in 2012 Mitt Romney.

Romney is considering another run, his third, for the country’s highest public office.

Cruz said if Republicans nominate another presidential candidate in the mold of Bob Dole, John McCain or even Mitt Romney, the same party who was in for 2008 and again in 2012 would remain for 2016. He believes there exists a better alternative.

The comments by Cruz echoed the criticism of Romney that Senator Rand Paul made who visited two of the early primary states of Nevada and New Hampshire last week.

Romney said he has not made a formal decision if he will join the race for the White House in 2016. In a Friday speech in San Diego at the winter meeting for the Republican National Committee, Romney said he was only giving consideration to his future.

However, sources that are close to the former Massachusetts governor have said he has called former aides, supporters and donor from his campaign of 2012, GOP insiders and leaders in New Hampshire.

A longtime advisor, who had recently spoken with Romney, said it was very likely that the Republican presidential nominee from 2012 would announce a campaign for the White House over the upcoming three to four weeks.

One other possible target of the remarks made by Cruz on Sunday is former governor of Florida Jeb Bush. He is likely to run for the presidency as well according to one insider.

Romney will speak Monday in California.