Candidates Respond To GOP Debate Shakeup

Hopefuls in the Republican Party for 2016 responded on Friday to the line-up of candidate for the presidential debates on November 10, with those being relegate or left off entirely attempting to put a brave face on or in certain instances reacting angrily to what might be a severe blow for campaigns that are already languishing.

New Jersey Gov Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee the former Governor of Arkansas were moved down to the earlier debate at 7 p.m., while Senator Lindsey Graham and former Governor of New York George Pataki were removed from the lineup on debate night completely having not consistently gained any more than 1% of support during recent polls.

The polls that are used were conducted by Investor’s Business Daily, Quinnipiac University, The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

Some of the candidates like Governor Christie brushed the decision off and said it did not matter which of the debates he was going to participate in.

However, one Republican strategist suggested a drop to the second tier debate was more serious for the New Jersey governor that some of the other GOP candidates.

The strategist said it hurt Christie because no one thought the other stood any chance.

Huckabee reacted in a positive way saying it was still a very long time until the actual election and much could change along the way.

Other Republican candidates expressed dissatisfaction about being excluded.

Christian Ferry the campaign manager for Graham said the campaign was disappointed with Fox and the Wall Street Journal poll that only listed ten of the candidates as options and not the entire field.

Pataki called organizers’ reliance on the national polls a big disservice to voters across the country and a clear boost to worship of celebrity over ideas and accomplishments.

The debate put on by the Fox Business Network will focus on taxes, jobs, the economy and other important issues. It is to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Milwaukee Theatre.