Senator Marco Rubio of Florida announced the suspension of his political campaign for the GOP nomination on Tuesday night following his convincing loss to front runner Donald Trump in the home state of Rubio.

Rubio announced the suspension of his campaign to a group of disappointed supports in Miami ending the campaign he started with much promise and that attracted strong support from several lawmakers in the Republican Party.

However, he trailed badly in the race for delegates, having only won three states thus far.

Rubio said that it became clear that while he and his supporters were on the right side, they would not be the winning side.

He would not endorse any other Republican candidate during his speech to suspend his campaign. He said the campaign this year was full of ‘politics of resentment,” which will not only leave the Republican Party fractured but it will leave the nation fractured as well.

He said the candidates were going to leave the nation where people actually hate one another due to having a difference of opinions politically.

During one point of his speech, a heckler interrupted Rubio, but he shrugged the disruption off saying no one would beat up the man during his rally, a reference toward disturbances that have been a part of recent rallies for Donald Trump.

Rubio is just 44 and gained national attention in political circles following his election to the U.S. Senate back in 2010, after defeating Charlie Crist the then Governor of Florida in the Republican Primary due to a huge wave of support from the Tea Party.

When he made the announcement he was entering the race one year ago, his toughest challenger at the time was considered Jeb Bush the former Florida governor.

However, the rise in popularity of Trump over this past summer reduced the personal rivalry between the Floridians to just a sideshow, as Bush exited the race following a loss in South Carolina last month.