Bernie Sanders, ending animosity of many months, embraced robustly Hillary Clinton his former bitter rival on Monday night as a champion of economic causes that enlivened his own supporters, which signaled the time was now for them to rally behind Clinton in a battle against Donald Trump the Republican Party nominee.

Sanders declared that any observer that is objective can conclude that based upon her leadership and ideas that Clinton must became our next president.

Viewing this in the audience, former President Bill Clinton leapt up and applauded, as did the majority of delegates in the arena.

Sanders joined top speakers that included Michelle Obama the first lady whose speech was an impassioned, forceful defense of the new Democratic nominee. The address by Obama wiped away any early tumult at the convention that exposed lingering tensions between supporters of Sanders and Clinton.

Mrs. Obama said that she wanted someone that had proven ability to persevere, someone that knows the job, takes it serious and who understands the different issues faced by a president that are often not black and white.

She was referring to the penchant by Trump for tweeting when she said the presidency cannot be reduced to just 140 characters.

While Sanders previously had given his endorsement to Clinton, remarks he made on Monday were the most vigorous and detailed that praised her as being qualified for the presidency.

Even with opposition by Sanders supporters of Hillary lingering into most of Monday at the convention, speeches overshadowed much of it and Sanders helped by imploring his own supporters to consider a country led by Trump.

He told his supporters not to sit out the election just because he was not the nominee. He added to that by asking them to consider the Supreme Court justices that might be nominated if Trump were elected president and what that would mean to their civil liberties, their equal rights and the country’s future.

Elizabeth Warren the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, who is a favorite of most liberals, has emerged as one of the toughest Democratic critics of Trump.

She spoke prior to Sanders and said Trump did not have real plans for college students, jobs or seniors. He has no plans to make anyone better except for those who are rich like he is.

Clinton is expected to accept the Democratic nomination on Wednesday and give a big speech on Thursday to end the convention and start her campaign for the White House that will conclude with the general election in November.