Protests and Vigils Grow Across the U.S. Following Election of Trump

Protests and vigils against President elect Donald Trump have spread coast to coast as huge crowds were burning effigies of Trump, blocked roadways and warned of more backlash. This underscored the tough task that Trump will face in uniting a fractured nation.

Despite President Obama and Hillary Clinton urging supporters to accept the victory of Trump and to support the transition to power he will take, thousands marched through streets across the country decrying his comments about women and attacks on undocumented immigrants.

Authorities in a number of cities across the country such as the big metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York and smaller ones like Portland, Ore and Richmond announced the arrest of many demonstrators.

Even cities that were within GOP supported states, such as Dallas, Kansas City and Dallas experienced demonstrations.

In the city of Oakland, CA, a pair of police officers became injured and two police cars torched as protesters in the thousands took to city streets chanting slogans against the President-elect, said a spokesperson for the police.

Objects were thrown by a few of the protesters at police that were decked out in riot gear. Others broke windows and small fires were started in the city’s downtown are.

In Los Angeles, the streets were filled with thousands including those who burned a huge Trump head made of papier-mâché outside City Hall. Others spray-painted profanity on the building that houses the Los Angeles Times and on vehicles the news organizations were using.

Hundreds more blocked two highways that helped back traffic up many miles.

Rainbow flags as well as signs that had messages of revolt waved amongst the crowd while protesters filled the streets in Chicago on Michigan Avenue. They then shut Lake Shore Drive down, which is the expressway that runs along Lake Michigan.

The major of the demonstrations were in urban centers that were won on Tuesday by Clinton, highlighting the divide demographically that shaped the results of the elections

Clinton’s narrow win in the popular vote helped to spur on New York demonstrators as they chanted that she had won more votes, during a massing of many thousands in front of midtown Manhattan’s Trump Tower.

The protesters stretched a number of blocks.

Earlier, protesters marched to Trump’s building from Union Square chanting that Trump should leave, that he was sexist, racist and anti-gay.