Trump Fires the Son of National Security Adviser for False News

On Tuesday, President-elect Donald Trump fired a member of his transition team, Michael Flynn who is the son of the choice Trump made for national security adviser, for using his Twitter account to spread a news story that was fake regarding Hillary Clinton that eventually led to the armed confrontation that took place in a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant.

The uproar over the Twitter post by Flynn cast a spotlight on views that he as well as his father, Lt. General Michael Flynn, aired on the micro-blogging site throughout the campaign for the presidency.

Both of the men have shared news stories that are fake alleging that Clinton had committed felonies and posted their own message on Twitter that crossed into the realm of Islamophobia.

However, the posts on social media apparently did not attract much attention from Trump or the transition team prior to a man in North Carolina firing a rifle on Sunday at a Comet Ping Pong, that was a subject of fake stories that tied it and Clinton’s campaign to a ring of child sex trafficking.

Just hours after that Sunday incident, the younger Flynn, who is 33, took to Twitter saying that until Pizzagate had be proven false, it was an important story.

After the Flynn post attracted attention across the country, it was reported on Tuesday morning that Flynn had an email address that was part of the transition team.

Mike Pence the Vice President-elect denied Flynn worked for the transition team, saying that he did not have any involvement of any kind.

However, later that same morning, a spokesperson for the transition team acknowledged that Flynn did work for the team, but that he was no longer a part of the team.

The spokesperson did not release a reason for the dismissal of Flynn, but two other transition officials for Trump said it had been tied to his postings on Twitter.

This move might cost the young Flynn a post at the White House. Up until yesterday, Flynn had planned to be with his father who was named as Trump’s head of the National Security Council and even had started the long process of receiving security clearance.

Despite his son being removal hastily from Trump’s transition team, there did not seem to be any indication that Trump was going to reconsider his choice of Flynn for National Security Adviser.