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Bill Clinton Says Obamacare Is a Crazy Thing

Former President Bill Clinton this week criticized the signature policy reform of current President Barack Obama while campaigning for his wife Hillary, the Democratic Presidential nominee. Clinton ripped the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, for flooding the healthcare insurance market as well as causing premiums to increase for the middle class American, who […]

Bill Clinton Tells Voters That Republicans Loved His Wife

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was trying to explain the reason his wife is currently having trouble being liked, saying it is the MO of the Republicans to cast Hillary as the villain, though he reminded a Santa Monica, California audience that things were not always that way. Clinton said he has known Hillary 45 […]

Clinton Calls Last Eight Years an Awful Legacy

During an appearance for his wife’s campaign, former President Bill Clinton called the past eight years an awful legacy. Clinton made the remark in Spokane at an event prior to the Washington state caucuses for the Democrats on Saturday. Clinton said that if you believe we have reached the point to put the awful legacy […]

Candidates Focus On North Carolina With Bill Clinton in Raleigh

On Monday morning, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is scheduled to be in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of an event to help campaign for wife Hillary. Both Hillary Clinton and GOP Donald Trump were hitting the campaign trail hard during the weekend and that will continue in North Carolina all week. Bill Clinton’s Monday […]

Past Scandals Threaten Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Questions about Hillary Clinton’s past involvement in her husband’s efforts to fend off accusations of sexual misconduct have arisen in the midst of her presidential campaign, threatening to derail it. The scandals of the 1990s and Mrs. Clinton’s role in them have taken on a life of their own, creating an unexpected headache for a […]

Bernie Sanders Says Bill Clinton Questions are Upsetting

Bernie Sanders the Senator from Vermont who is becoming more and more popular amongst Democrats was asked during the South Carolina Democratic Debate on Sunday night if he regrets saying that former President Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions were deplorable. The question did not amuse Sanders at all. He answered by saying that the question annoyed […]

Bill Clinton to Campaign for HIllary

Bill Clinton is returning to the campaign trail along with all his different baggage. For a number of months, the former U.S. president has for the most part stayed outside the bright lights of the 2016 race, mentioned most just in passing by Hillary Clinton the Democratic front-runner. However, on Monday former President Clinton will […]

Bill Clinton in New Hampshire For Democrats

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was in New Hampshire on Thursday night to help rally Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections. Many of those attending a function with Clinton were interested in the future of his wife as their possible Presidential candidate. Clinton was the keynote speaker for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in New Hampshire. He […]

Bill Clinton Says Wife Needs More Time

Bill Clinton the former President of the United States says that his wife Hillary, who is a prohibitive favorite for the nomination for president in the Democratic Party in 2016, needs more time to decide if she is willing to run, but also needs to see what she would bring to the presidential race if […]

Former President Clinton’s Sex Scandals Back in Politics

The sexual indiscretions by former President Clinton have resurfaced once again as a topic of discussion and one that will likely be revisited on more than one occasion over the next couple of years. The dormant conversation that is over two-decades old was reignited over the past month and could become a common thing if […]