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Former Lawmakers with GOP Say Trump Lacks Intelligence

An open letter by the former Republicans slams the GOP nominee as unqualified for the presidency. With fewer than five weeks left before Election Day, more Republicans that remain high profile are taking a stand publicly against the divisive nominee of their party. Thirty former Republican congressmen on Thursday released a letter denouncing Donald Trump. […]

Each of Three GOP Candidates Drop Promises to Support Nominee

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump the Republican front-runner for his party’s nomination said that he no longer would honor a pledge of supporting the eventual nominee of the GOP for President. At the same time, his fellow candidates for the nomination Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich would not commit to backing the pick […]

Ben Carson Sees No Path Ahead and Ends Candidacy

Ben Carson the retired neurosurgeon and only Republican to at one time threaten Donald Trump’s lead in national polls announced on Wednesday that he did not see any path forward and would skip Thursday’s debate in Detroit, his hometown, signaling that his candidacy has ended after poor results in the nominating primaries and caucuses. Dr. […]

Cruz and Rubio Promise to Stop Trump

The rivals of Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination tried to show themselves as the perfect candidate on Wednesday night in an attempt to block the path of Trump to the party’s nomination and then defeat the probable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the November general election. Speaking in Houston during a special forum […]

George Pataki Ends Bid for the White House

Former Governor of New York George Pataki ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 with only just more than one month left prior to the first caucuses starting. Pataki made his announcement in an ad aired on affiliates of NBC in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on Tuesday night. In the […]

Republicans To Debate in Las Vegas Looking to Rattle Trump

The next Republican presidential debate is Tuesday night in Las Vegas. The GOP hopefuls will be debating amidst a volatile campaign stretch that has included terrorist attacks in the U.S. as well as abroad and new anxieties have been released amongst voters, while certain candidates have surged to the front in important early voting states. […]

Ted Cruz Goes on the Attack in Iowa

For months, Senator Ted Cruz used a cloak in the race for the Republican nomination, organizing pastors and raising large amount of cash, but somehow avoiding any detection or tangling with the other candidates. However, that is no longer taking place. The Texas Senator is now in the crosshairs and dealing with daily attacks from […]

Paul Singer Lends Support to Marco Rubio

One of the most influential and wealthiest Republican donors in the U.S. has thrown his support to Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The decision will likely swing millions of contribution dollars behind Rubio at a very critical point in the nominating battle amongst Republicans. The donor, Paul Singer, a billionaire investor from New York, is a […]

Ted Cruz is Working His Way Up the Polls

Political experts in a weekly ranking of candidates from the Republican Party in a national newspaper have been seeing a gradual rise in popularity of Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. Last week he was in sixth place and this week has been moved to fourth. Many see the Texas senator as showing signs of having […]

Scott Walker Calls It Quits on Presidential Run

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, whose popularity early as a presidential contender from the Republican Party, was snuffed out due to the rise of his anti-establishment rivals, has announced that he will quit the presidential race. He urged some of the other 15 GOP rivals to follow suit so their party could find one a strong […]

White House GOP Hopefuls Trying to Find Anti-Abortion Support

On Friday, Republican presidential hopefuls were trying to distinguish themselves before an important group of conservative activists, using the National Right to Life Convention as a way to share their stories and detail the restriction of abortion that they helped into law. The big question now is whether this scramble helps or hurts the anti-abortion […]

Fiorina and Carson Announce Presidential Bids for 2016

The presidential field for the GOP grew by another two on Monday as Ben Carson the retired neurosurgeon and Carly Fiorina the former executive in technology both announced they had entered the presidential race. Fiorina a former CEO at Hewlett Packard confirmed that she would run as was widely expected. Her account on Twitter included […]

Iowans Listen to Field of Candidates from GOP

Christian conservative voters are pleased to find nearly too many options from the GOP. That myriad of choices is a wonder dilemma said voters on Saturday in Iowa and was on display as hopefuls from the GOP attempted woo evangelicals through remarks that emphasized freedom of religion and opposition to same-sex marriage. Nine who have […]

Marco Rubio Loses Clout with Hispanics But Enters 2016 Race

Marco Rubio the U.S. Senator from Florida who announced  he would run for president, will hit the campaign trail with his onetime strong hold on Hispanic voters slipping away, say political observers. It is an important demographic for Rubio and Jeb Bush a fellow Floridian will be fighting for in the GOP primaries. Winning the […]

Democrats Filibuster Bill for Homeland Security

As was expected, Senate Democrats have blocked the funding bill for Homeland Security protesting the provisions written by the GOP that would gut a number of years of the White House administration’s directives regarding immigration. The big question is now what comes next. Top Senate Republicans indicated strongly that they would attempt to bring up […]

Romney Not Running Has Reset GOP Field for 2016

The announcement by Mitt Romney on Friday that he would not be running for president for a third time has reset the 2016 GOP field, with strategists saying Romney’s exit has positioned Jeb Bush as the establishment favorite and helped him to assemble campaign teams in key states with early voting. Meanwhile, the former governor […]

Presidential Candidates in GOP Have Tough Balancing Act

The most wide-open presidential nomination race for the Republican Party in memory had an unofficial opening on Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa. The event highlighted again the difficult path the candidates will have as they attempt to attract support from the conservative base of the party without compromising hopes of winning the general election. In […]

Americans Predict GOP Controlled Congress Will Continue Gridlocked

Half of the Americans polled in a recent survey believe the control of both the House and Senate by the Republicans will be bad for the U.S. A majority also said Congress would have more gridlock. However, the poll shows that the Republican Party brand has shown an improvement during the past year, and is […]

White House Asks for Border Aid of $3.7 Billion

On Tuesday, President Obama urged the U.S. Congress to quickly hand over nearly over $3.7 billion to confront the increase of young migrants from the region of Central America crossing into Texas that he called an urgent humanitarian crisis. However, the request was quickly entangled in a huge political debate dealing with immigration. The Republican […]

GOP Using Large Amounts of Cash for Seat in Long Island

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are watching an important race where two Republicans, of which both are conservative, are hoping they can unseat the incumbent, a Democrat who is seeking a seventh term in Congress as a representative from eastern Long Island. State Senator Lee Zeldin will face off against George Demos a former […]