Guatemalan Wants a Central American Plan to Stop Emigration

Otto Perez Molina the President of Guatemala said the best way to deal with the surge in unaccompanied children crossing the border between Mexico and the United States would be for the U.S. to implement a plan that is similar to the multi-billion dollar initiative Washington has in Colombia. Perez Molina added that something must […]

Deporting of Children Begins in the U.S.

The United States has deported its first group of children. On Monday, a flight landed in Honduras with the first children to be deported since President Obama made a pledge to speed up the overall process of sending undocumented immigrant children back to their countries in Central America. Fleeing poverty and violence, children in record […]

White House Asks for Border Aid of $3.7 Billion

On Tuesday, President Obama urged the U.S. Congress to quickly hand over nearly over $3.7 billion to confront the increase of young migrants from the region of Central America crossing into Texas that he called an urgent humanitarian crisis. However, the request was quickly entangled in a huge political debate dealing with immigration. The Republican […]

Perry Testifies at Congressional Field Hearing

The thousands of children from Central America who are entering illegally into the United States are both a national security and humanitarian crisis, said Governor Rick Perry of Texas on Thursday at a South Texas Congressional Field Hearing. Over 52,000 children who were unaccompanied have been detained by authorities since October of 2013. Three fourths […]

Protesters Stop Buses In California with Undocumented Immigrants Aboard

In southern California, angry protesters made a human wall to block three buses that carried undocumented immigrants. The buses were forced to turn around without any clear destination. The immigrants were traveling from the southern part of Texas to outside of San Diego for processing at the Border Patrol Station in Murrieta, when the angry […]

White House Promises Faster Deportations

The White House administration announced it would work to process and then deport undocumented immigrants quicker. The administration also said a new center for detention for families that cross the border would be opened. A news agency has reported that the new facility will be located in New Mexico at the Federal Law Enforcement Training […]

Obama Directs Federal Officials to Lead Border Relief

Citing a humanitarian situation, President Barack Obama directed officials from the federal government to lead a relief effort due to a surge of children crossing the border between the U.S. and Mexico alone. The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Craig Fugate will be in charge of coordinating the response by the federal government […]

Homeland Security Reviewing Release of Convicted Immigrants

Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security, under pressure from members of Congress, said on Thursday he was currently reviewing the release of immigrants from jail that were illegally in the country, had been convicted of various crimes and were facing deportation. Last year Homeland Security released over 36,000 such immigrants. The undocumented immigrants had […]

Republican Congressman Defies House Leaders on Immigration

Jeff Dehman a Republican member of the House of Representatives from California has defied Republican leaders in the House as he moved toward forcing a decision during an election year on his legislation for immigration. Denham filed his legislation, which is known as the ENLIST Act, as a small amendment on the sweeping defense policy […]

U.S. Weighing the Cutback of Deportations

Thousands of undocumented immigrants illegally in the United States that do not have any serious criminal record could be given a shield from deportation under a change in policy being weighed by senior government officials in the U.S. If a change is adopted following the review that President Barack Obama ordered, it could limit the […]