Economists: U.S. Economy Needs Immigrants

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump and top leaders in Congress on Wednesday, close to 1,500 economists outlined the benefits brought into the U.S. economy by immigrants and urged the U.S. Congress to modernize the immigration system in the country. The letter stated that immigration was one of the significant competitive advantages the […]

Hawaii Planning to Sue Over New Travel Ban by President Trump

The U.S. state of Hawaii will ask a judge to block the revised Presidential executive order that bars issuance of new visas to people from six nations that are Muslim-majority, according to a filing of a document in court. Lawyers from Hawaii hope to make the filing on Wednesday and it would mark the first […]

New Travel Ban by President Trump Could be Announced Monday

It is expected that President Donald Trump would sign his latest executive order as early as Monday that suspends admissions of refugees and bans the entry of people from six countries that are Muslim-majority. The new order was revised from the original that Trump signed during late January and argues the move was needed to […]

Immigration Enforcement Plan Has Immigrants and Advocates Worried

To advocates of immigration, the White House administration laid out a plan of mass deportations Tuesday when it released a detailed outline of how it is going to enforcement immigration laws in the U.S. The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) executive director Marielena Hincapie said the center is preparing for increased raids and more detentions […]

Justice Department Will Challenge Stop to Travel Ban

The White House administration is preparing to battle in court for the immigration order of President Donald Trump after a Seattle federal judge halted it nationwide on Friday. The decision on Friday set up the U.S. for a second consecutive weekend of uncertainty across the country over the ban, but this time with the new […]

White House Appears to Pull Back on Part of Policy on Vetting

On Sunday, the White House appeared as if it was pulling back on one key part of the tough immigration order by the President, signaling that travelers attempting to enter the U.S. from the 7 countries banned by President Trump can enter if they are green card holders. Chief of Staff at the White House […]

President Trump Agenda: Border Wall and Sanctuary Cities

U.S. President Donald Trump is planning to sign more executive orders on Wednesday that will enable the construction of his wall along the border between the U.S. and Mexico and target sanctuary cities where leaders will not hand over undocumented immigrants to be deported, said officials at the White House. The actions are part of […]

Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy Ends for Cubans

On Thursday, President Barack Obama said that he terminated the policy of 22 years that allowed Cubans arriving on U.S. soil without visas to stay and be given legal residency. The move was unexpected but long sought by the government of Cuba. In a statement, Obama said that effective immediately, all Cuban nationals attempting to […]

Trump’s Math Not Clear on Undocumented Immigrants

Federal data that is available to the public, says there are 2 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and the current White House administration has allowed another 300,000 to return, says Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee in a speech on August 31. Many people have since fact checked the claims made from Trump’s […]

Donald Trump to Visit Mexico Prior to Immigration Speech

Donald Trump, the presidential nominee of the Republican Party will visit with Enrique Pena Nieto the President of Mexico Wednesday in a visit to Mexico that was hastily arranged prior to delivering an anticipated speech on tackling illegal immigration. True to the flair of Trump for being dramatic, the visit guarantees widespread coverage by the […]

Donald Trump Now Planning to Legalize Some Immigrants

Sources say that Donald Trump the Republican Party presidential nominee is planning to announce a huge shift next week in his immigration policy. The candidate met on Saturday with leaders from the Hispanic community who said he had regretted his prior comments made early in his campaign about Mexicans. The presidential nominee is planning to […]

Bernie Sanders Takes on Arizona’s Joe Arpaio

While speaking in Arizona at one of its casino resorts, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for his party’s nomination, criticized Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for picking on those with no power. Vermont Senator Sanders took on Arpaio by accusing him of carrying out un-American behavior. Sanders, while speaking at the resort, also pledged to […]

Democratic Debate: Sanders and Clinton Find Common Ground

Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred during their latest Democratic debate over immigration Wednesday night, just days prior to a crucial contest in Florida. However, the two directed their biggest strikes toward Donald Trump the front-runner of the Republican race. Sanders and Clinton, competing to win the Hispanic vote in next Tuesday’s primary […]

Cruz Changes His Tune on Undocumented Immigrants

Ted Cruz changed his stance to a policy that is more aggressive on deportation in an interview Monday night. The Republican presidential candidate said he would search for, apprehend and then deport undocumented immigrants by using agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE, which marks a change from his stance taken back in January. […]

Bernie Sanders Gives President Obama’s Immigration Criticism

Bernie Sanders is increasing the pressure on the White House administration over the immigration enforcement initiatives taking fresh aim at the controversial program only days prior to the presidential contest for Democrats in Nevada. Sanders through a letter he wrote with Raul Grijalva a Democrat from Arizona, criticizes the Priority Enforcement Program that is in […]

State Department and Congress Look to Tighten Visa-Free Travel

The State Department in the U.S. has lent its support to efforts in Congress to restrict the travel to the U.S. by citizens in 38 countries who have traveled to Sudan, Iran, Iraq or Syria over the last five years. A bill was passed overwhelmingly by the House on Tuesday that tightens control of the […]

Martin O’Malley Stays with Call For 65,000 Syrian Refugees

Martin O’Malley has stayed with his call that the U.S. accept 65,000 refugees from Syria, even as a number of Republican governors announced on Monday they would refuse to allow the refugees in their states following the deadly attacks last week in Paris. There are women and children dying said O’Malley, from the same violence […]

President Obama to Appeal Ruling on Immigration to Supreme Court

President Barack Obama will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to clear the way for the overhaul of far reaching proportions he made of the immigration system of the country. This will set up a big battle in the highest court in the country over whether more than 5 million undocumented immigrants will be able to […]

U.S. Deports Fewest Number of Immigrants in a Decade

The White House administration deported the fewest number of undocumented immigrants the past 12 months since 2006, says figures from the government obtained by an International news agency. The figures show that the deportations of immigrants with a criminal record have fallen to their lowest since 2009 when President Obama took office. This is despite […]

Chris Christie Wants to Track Immigrants Like Packages

Chris Christie the Republican Governor of New Jersey and a GOP presidential candidate said he would install a tracking system similar to FedEx to combat illegal migration. Christie, who is far back amongst the 17 Republican presidential candidates told a crowd at his campaign event in New Hampshire that he would ask CEO Fred Smith […]

Donald Trump Says Birthright Babies are Not Citizens

Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters on Tuesday that he does not think that people who were born to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are citizens of the U.S. Trump said they did not think they have citizenship and if you speak to good lawyers, many agree. He said the country needed to start […]

Joe Arpaio Loses Another Immigration Fight in Court

Joseph Arpaio lost a fight on Friday in his battle over immigration with the Obama administration. The ruling on Friday set down by the U.S. Court of Appeals was unanimous that Arpaio, whose Maricopa County, Arizona department has aggressively attempted to deport undocumented immigrants, did not have a standing to sue. The sheriff complained that […]

Border Patrol Pulls Agents from Trump Event

The border patrol agents union said its members would not take part in Donald Trump’s visit on Thursday to tour the border between Texas and Mexico, saying that event was too politicized. Hector Garza, the Local 2455 President of the National Border Patrol Council said to be clear, an endorsement never was discussed for any […]

Republican Chairman Speaks to Donald Trump Over Campaign

The Republican Party chairman has called Donald Trump as the Democrats ratcheted up their efforts to tie the presidential candidate and his outspoken comments regarding immigrants and immigration to all presidential candidates from the GOP. Reince Priebus the GOP chairman and Trump spoke on Wednesday over a range of different topics, said the Republican National […]

Scott Walker Admits to Changing Stance on Immigration

Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin and a presumptive Republican candidate for the presidential nomination, says he changed his stance on immigration and does not back any longer the comprehensive reform that allows undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S. after being penalized. On Sunday, Walker told an interviewer on television that his view had […]