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Senator Kamala Harris in Spotlight During Comey Testimony

Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris began her questioning of James Comey the former director of the FBI on Thursday during his highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee by using a metaphor about an armed robbery. Throughout Comey’s testimony and in his prepared remarks, the fired FBI director spoke in detail of his conversation […]

Presidential Order Allows Churches to Participate Politically

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed another executive order, with this one making it easier for the participation in politics by churches. The order seeks to deliver on one of the pledges he made during his campaign to a group that overwhelmingly gave him support in last November’s election. The executive order, which was unveiled […]

Fight for Border Wall Approaches in Attempt to Avoid Shutdown

Battles over finding money to pay the construction of a U.S./Mexico border wall, the Obamacare subsidies and more resources for U.S. military threaten to be problematic for congressional negotiations over the funding bill that would stave off a shutdown of the government on Friday. Bipartisan negotiators are weeks into working methodically through different issues to […]

Jon Ossoff Misses Outright Victory in House Race in Georgia

Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is attempting for the first time to gain elective office, came up just short of an outright win in a Georgia House district that is heavily conservative. That has scared Republicans in the special election for state congress that was seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump. Ossoff won 48.1% […]

White House Returns to Square One With Tax Reform

President Donald Trump has returned to square one with his tax reform as he seeks wide-ranging support from Republicans beyond legislation to give the tax systems an overhaul. Officials in the White House said that it was now unlikely an overhaul in taxes would meet the deadline of August set by Secretary Mnuchin. The Trump […]

President Trump Creating American Innovation Office

President Donald Trump on Monday will unveil a new agency in the White House named the Office of American Innovation that will be run by Jared Kushner his son-in-law. The agency will have extensive powers of overhauling procedures at a federal level and possibly privatize certain responsibilities now held by the government, through collective ideas […]

Republicans in Senate Vote to Repeal Rules on Internet Privacy

Lawmakers from the GOP moved on Thursday to tear down landmark protections covering Internet privacy for consumers in a first decisive strike against technology and telecommunications regulations created under the Barack Obama administration and what is looked at as the beginning of more deregulation. In a vote of 50-48 that was partisan voting, the Republican […]

Sanctuary Cities Being Named by Trump Administration

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security released its initial report to the public that names counties that refused to honor requests by the federal government to detain those who are suspected of violating the U.S. immigration laws. DHS’ Immigration and Custom Enforcement or ICE issued almost 3,100 requests of that kind from January 28 […]

President Trump Promised Infrastructure Spending, But Cut It

In the recently released budget that President Donald Trump proposed there are cuts to or elimination of a number of key infrastructure programs even though he vowed repeatedly to increase spending for roads, utilities along with other important facilities. The budget director for Trump said Trump’s administration would uphold the pledge the president made for […]

Conservative Site Only Media Outlet on Trip With Tillerson

Rex Tillerson the U.S. Secretary of State is on a trip to Asia accompanied by just one reporter, a correspondent at the White House from IJR the Independent Journal Review, on online outlet that was founded during 2012 by former political operatives who are Republican. In a prepared statement, the IJR announced on Tuesday that […]

Report: Trump kept Vice President in Dark About Russians and Flynn

U.S. President Donald Trump was allegedly told six days after his inauguration that Michael Flynn, at the time his national security adviser, misled Vice President Mike Pence about phone calls Flynn had with Russia, but failed to tell Pence. Trump, after he learned of the phone calls, apparently kept his vice president in the dark […]

Warren Receives Support After GOP Formally Silences Her

Senator Elizabeth Warren voiced her opinion on Facebook late on Tuesday to end her speech that was formally silenced by Republicans on the Senate floor after she quoted Coretta Scott King while criticizing President Trump’s attorney general nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. The drama unfolded when the Democrat from Massachusetts overstepped the arcane rules of the […]

Kellyanne Conway Known for Blunt Talk Related to Gender

On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump announced the appointment of Kellyanne Conway as his counselor to the president. The position is one of power within Trump’s administration that has been facing much criticism over being male and too white. Of the 26 staff named at the White House or as cabinet members to date, just six, […]

Trump Cabinet Most Conservative in Modern History

President-elect Donald Trump likes to promote himself as being separated from party ideology and is open-minded to receiving input from former Vice President Al Gore as he is from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. However, he now is nearly finished with his Cabinet choices and has picked one of the most conservative teams […]

Florida Presidential Race Is Too Close to Call

On Tuesday, both the Democrats and Republicans will be watching the polls closely in Florida. For Donald Trump, the surprise presidential nominee for the Republicans, Florida’s 29 electoral votes are a big building block for most scenarios that end with him reaching the White House. For Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, a win […]

Some Important GOP Donors Want Ties to Trump Cut by RNC

Some of the biggest donors to the Republican Party on Thursday called on the Republican National Committee to cut its ties with Donald Trump the party’s presidential nominee following the highly controversial claims of sexual misconduct and the recent recording of Trump leaked during the week. A group of contributors to the party said that […]

Report: George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush on Monday said he would be voting in November for Hillary Clinton according to a pair of sources who are close to the nation’s 41st President. If true, this is a huge rebuke of the nominee of his own party Donald Trump. The same sources said it was not […]

Mike Pence Calls Birtherism Over

Mike Pence the vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party declared that birtherism, the thought that President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., is over. Pence said he believes Donald Trump the GOP presidential nominee put an end to the issue. He was referring to the brief statement Trump made last Friday that […]

Bernie Sanders Will Court Millennials in Ohio for Clinton

Senator Bernie Sanders is heading to Ohio Saturday to help Hillary Clinton the presidential nominee for the Democrats in an important battleground state where poll numbers for her have been flagging. Sanders, the independent from Vermont will be focusing on millennials. He was the clear favorite amongst the younger voter during his battle in the […]

Donald Trump Took Physical Will Release Numbers When Available

On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that last week he took a physical exam. He said he would release results of the exam when they become available, as the health of both he and Hillary Clinton has been pushed to the forefront of the presidential campaign of 2016, following the pneumonia diagnosis recently […]

Co-Founder of Facebook Pledges $20 Million Against Trump

Dustin Moskovitz is not as famous as Mark Zuckerberg his fellow co-founder of Facebook. However, on Thursday he became more well known with his $20 million commitment to Hillary Clinton as well as other Democratic groups attempting to defeat Donald Trump and other members of the Republican Party in November’s elections. Moskovitz’s donation to the […]

Hispanic Group Supported by Koch Brothers Airing Ads for Marco Rubio

While much focus has been placed on the race for the White House, election races for the Senate and House are heating up as November nears. With only two months remaining before the national election, a conservative nonprofit group that is funded by David and Charles Koch associates will launch ads on television in English […]

Donald Trump has Problems Nationwide with Suburban Voters

Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee is facing problems in the suburbs of battleground states such as Pennsylvania, which could cost him those key states in the November election. Trump has been caught up in a tight vice that he himself has created between those who see him as offensive and those that find him […]

Donald Trump Must Score Big in Presidential Debates

Donald Trump must win September’s debate to move ahead in the polls of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He will need to also look presidential while at the same time landing punches on Clinton’s vulnerable areas, throwing her off with personal attacks. Both Clinton and Trump are going through preparations for what could be the most […]

Experts Say Johnson Will Take Votes Away From Both Clinton and Trump

On Thursday, professors of political science said that Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate for U.S. President would take votes from both Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump in the general election. At the same time, the director of the Libertarian Party said more people were joining that party and each place Johnson and Bill […]