Act on Climate Change Now or Pay More Later

The White House said Tuesday that putting off measures that are expensive to help curb climate changes would only cost the U.S. more over the long run. The comments came from a report that is meant to bolster actions that have been proposed by President Barack Obama to address the world’s global warming. Jason Furman, […]

White House Proposing Restrictions on Mine in Alaska

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday issued a new proposal through the Clean Water Act that limits mining activity in the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska, which struck a huge blow to the project that would eventually have one of the largest mines that is open pit in the world. The proposal is subject until […]

High Court Rules Against Obamacare

On Monday, the Supreme Court rule that companies that were closely held cannot be required to cover the payment of some types of employee contraceptives. The court ended the term with a narrow political and legal setback for a highly controversial part of the healthcare reform measure by President Obama. By a decision of 5-4, […]

Supreme Court and Free Speech in Social Networks

The Supreme Court of the U.S. will decide soon how far the free speech concept protects those who abuse or threaten on sites that are social media. The court has taken on the Anthony Elonis case. Four years ago, he ranted on Facebook about his at the time estranged wife. The man from Pennsylvania posted […]

New Hampshire Police Commissioner Unapologetic for Racist Comment

An elected official from a small town in New Hampshire was in a restaurant in April when he used the opportunity to give his verbal opinion of U.S. President Barack Obama. Robert Copeland, a police commission member in the town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire spoke out in a raised voice that he hated watching the […]

Secretary Hagel: Military Should Look at Ban on Transgender

Chuck Hagel the U.S. Secretary of Defense said on Sunday that the prohibition in the U.S. military for transgender individuals should be reviewed continually. No indication was given by Hagel to whether he believed the military’s policy should be changed. However, Hagel did say that every American who is qualified and wants to serve the […]

Advocacy Group: Change Policy on Cuba Mr. President

An advocacy group has called for the U.S. to change its decade’s long policy toward the Caribbean nation of Cuba. On Monday, it launched a campaign on television and had posters on the metro system in Washington, D.C. that showed President Obama and urged him to stop putting off the changes. The ads on the […]

More and More Americans Renouncing Citizenship

More and more citizens of the United States are deciding to renounce their citizenship. People are renouncing their citizenship while millions seeks the coveted prize of U.S. citizenship. In 2013, the U.S. government said that 2,999 people, which were a new record, had renounced their citizenship or terminated their residency in the U.S. The majority […]

Americans in Favor of Pull Back on World Stage

A new national poll shows that the approval rating of the handling of foreign policy by President Barack Obama has sank to a new record low for his presidency. At the same time, most Americans want the country to reduce it role in the affairs of the world as a showdown over Ukraine with Russia […]

Private Policy for Online Being Updated by White House

A new White House private policy was released on Friday that explains how the federal government will gather the data of users of its online site, social media sites and mobile apps. It also clarifies that comments online, whether tributes or tirades are part of the open domain. The new private policy says that […]

Agents at Secret Service Cut from President’s Trip

Three agents from the Secret Service prepping for a trip to the Netherlands to protect President Obama were sent back home due to disciplinary reasons, said a spokesperson on Wednesday. This marks another embarrassing incident in the elite security agency charged with protecting the U.S. President. A spokesperson for the service confirmed that the three […]

Arpaio Facing More Problems with Feds

Joe Arpaio the Maricopa County Sheriff and the top aide in his office must appear before a judge in federal court. The Judge believes the two have trivialized and mischaracterized the key findings of the judge in a decision on racial profiling issued in 2013 against his sheriff’s office. The office of the sheriff will […]

First Lady Supports Americans Studying Abroad

Michelle Obama the First Lady said on Saturday that studying abroad helped to build bridges of understanding. The comments from the First Lady came during a visit she made to a university in Beijing. Obama said that studying abroad is about much, more than just approving the future of the student. It is about helping […]

Court Approves Citizenship Proof in Kansas and Arizona for Voters

On Wednesday, a federal judge sided with the state governments of Kansas and Arizona, ruling that the Election Assistance Commission from the federal government had to help the states enforce their laws that require proof of citizenship to vote. The state sued the federal commission after it had deferred requests for both to help them […]

Colbert Gives Security Talk at Conference

Stephen Colbert said he is not too worried about his emails being read by NSA. He said he did not necessarily want anyone reading his emails, but he was not a spy and does not run a crime syndicate. Colbert said he had things he did want other to know but he was not worried […]

Obama Allows Banks to Accept Deposits from Legal Dealers of Marijuana

On Friday, the White House administration gave the green light to the banking industry to do business with and finance legal sellers of marijuana, a move that could legitimize even further the growing industry. For just the first time, distributors who are legal can secure bank loans and set up savings and checking accounts at […]

Boehner All but Rules out Immigration Legislation

John Boehner the U.S. Speaker of the House was pessimistic over the possible passage of any immigration legislation prior to the midterm elections this fall. The Speaker said it would be hard for the House, which is led by the Republicans, to act on immigration, which has been made a top priority of President Obama […]

Republicans Preparing Immigration Plan

The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives will call for a pathway to legal status this week in its framework for immigration reform legislation. However, the path will not include citizenship for many of the adults amongst the nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. For those immigrants brought into the U.S. […]

President Obama Talks NFL, Politics and Marijuana

In a long New Yorker magazine article, President Obama has said that NFL football players are aware of the risks involved with their sport as it related to concussions and possible brain damage. Obama said in the article that he would not allow his own son to play professional football. Obama said the players know […]

California Court: Undocumented Immigrant Can Practice Law

The Supreme Court in California ruled on Thursday in a unanimous vote that an immigrant from Mexico who does not have a green card could be a licensed lawyer, though he will have limited employment prospects. Tani Cantil-Sakayue, the Chief Justice said in her opinion that a law, which was passed in 2012 by the […]

Judges Allows Obama’s Uncle to Remain in U.S.

On Tuesday, a federal immigration judge said that the uncle of President Obama could remain in the U.S., which spared him deportation back to Kenya, his homeland. The case has riveted much attention on the man who lived in the country for 50 years without authorities knowing he was illegal most of the time. Leonard […]

Reform of Immigration in U.S. Still Just a Hope

Mitt Romney says that dealing with the issue of immigration is something the Republicans must do. Only six months ago, it looked in the U.S. as though Congress was closer than ever to finally agreeing to the reform of the country’s immigration laws that would give a pathway to U.S. citizenship to the estimated 11 […]