John McAfee the Anti-Virus Maker and Ex-Fugitive Running for White House

John McAfee the creator of anti-virus software for computers and the self proclaimed eccentric millionaire turned fugitive from the tiny Central American country of Belize, filed his required paperwork in Tuesday to run for U.S. President as candidate in a third party. McAfee, who turns 70 in a week, said he was founding a new […]

Obama Ordering Government Contractors to Offer Paid Sick Leave

U.S. President Barack Obama is signing an executive order in Boston on Monday that requires government contractors to offer paid sick leave of seven days per year to their employees said the White House. One senior adviser told reporters on Sunday that the U.S. was the only country in the developed world that did not […]

Jeb Bush Targets New Hampshire with TV Ads

Jeb Bush the Republican presidential candidate has purchased his first set of TV ads for his White House bid. The ads will target the state of New Hampshire, said his campaign team on Friday, which underscores his need to be successful in the state where his rival Ohio Governor John Kasich has made inroads. The […]

Bush Says He Would Back Donald Trump as Presidential Candidate

On Thursday, Jeb Bush said he would support fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump if he were to win the nomination of the party for the presidential election in 2016 and Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democrats. Asked if he would give his support to Trump as the nominee for the Republicans against […]

Justice Department on Same Side As Planned Parenthood

The Justice Department told a judge on Tuesday that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s decision of ousting Planned Parenthood for the Medicaid program for the state appears as if it violates federal due to denying patients with Medicaid the right to make a choice in what will be their healthcare providers. In a filing in court, […]

Chris Christie Wants to Track Immigrants Like Packages

Chris Christie the Republican Governor of New Jersey and a GOP presidential candidate said he would install a tracking system similar to FedEx to combat illegal migration. Christie, who is far back amongst the 17 Republican presidential candidates told a crowd at his campaign event in New Hampshire that he would ask CEO Fred Smith […]

Bill Would Add Cigarette Tax of $2.00 in California

A measure introduced on Wednesday in the California Senate would raise the cigarette tax in the state by $2 a pack. The hike supporters said would help to curb the number of smoking deaths, but critics said it would place more needless burden on small business and the consumer. Richard Pan a state senator from Sacramento […]

President Obama Gives Joe Biden His Blessing for Bid in 2016

Vice President Joseph Biden received the blessing of President Barack Obama to make a bid of the White House in 2016, according to one senior Democrat. However, that all depends on if Biden will choose to run. While he does not need the permission of the President, a potential presidential candidacy was one of the […]

Joseph Biden Meets with Elizabeth Warren, Prompts Speculation

Joseph Biden the Vice President huddled Saturday with Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts who is a rising star amongst liberals who has yet to endorse any of the candidates for the Democrats in the presidential race of 2016. The meeting was impromptu and came as speculation has mounted over the own potential candidacy of Biden. […]

Trumps Says Real Unemployment Rate is 42%

Every first Friday of the month, a report is released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the monthly job totals in the U.S. and the unemployment rate in the country. In its report of August 7 the unemployment rate was 5.3%, which is the lowest in over 7 years and nearly half of its […]