Republicans Take Over Congress on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Republicans will take control of both chambers of Congress. It is the first time in the past eight years and leaders of the GOP plan to move rapidly to confront the President and showcase their conservatism, including dismantling regulations set up by the government and austere budget cuts. However, the continuing divisions […]

White House Administration Hits North Korea with Sanctions

The White House imposed sanctions on Friday against members of the government of North Korean, amounting to the first official response by the U.S. government to the hacking against Sony Pictures. Despite some lingering questions from analysts at private security firms over whether the government of North Korea was the ones responsible for the cyber […]

GOP Leaders Want Controversy Over Steve Scalise to End

Leaders of the House Republicans have shown support for Steve Scalise a Representative from Louisiana since it became public that he had appeared 12 years prior before an organization that was white supremacist, suggesting they think this controversy will blow over. At the same time, some members of the Democrats have criticized Scalise, but have […]

Obama Threatens Veto to Counter Republican Congress

The new U.S. Congress has yet to be sworn in. However, President Barack Obama already has warned about his plans to veto in order to counter initiatives from the incoming GOP majority. Obama, despite almost constant friction with Republicans in Congress the past couple of years, rarely has used the veto powers he has as […]

Republicans Warming Up to Lynch

President Barack Obama’s choice to be the country’s Attorney General has started to win over Republicans. The nominee, Loretta Lynch has met with several senators from the Republican party privately over the past few weeks. She has earned the support of some prior to what will likely be a contentious group of hearings for her […]

Lobbyist Hired by Obama as Senate Liaison

The new Senate Liaison hired by President Barack Obama is a lobbyist who has been around Capitol Hill for years and was paid to push to have the controversial Keystone XL pipeline approved on behalf of oil interests in Canada. Obama hired Marty Paone as the deputy assistant for legislative affairs. In this role, Paone […]

United States Reportedly Asking China for Help with North Korea

The White House administration has apparently asked China for some help with curbing the ability of North Korea to launch their cyberattacks, like the one an official in the Obama administration said was crippling to Sony Pictures, says a published report. A national newspaper reported that the Obama administration requested Beijing’s help recently but the […]

Sue Rahr on Obama Task Force for Policing

Sue Rahr who helped steer the police academy in Washington state from its traditional military training has been named to the task force set up by President Obama to build trust between communities and police across the country. Rahr, a former sheriff, took over as the Washington State Criminal Justice Training executive director in 2012, […]

Hillary Clinton On Torture Use

Hillary Clinton has spoken out against using torture during a speech on Tuesday in New York. She strongly condemned the tactics for just the first time since the recently report on the interrogation methods used by the CIA from over a decade ago that the Senate Intelligence Committee released. Clinton said that today we could […]

Hints Being Dropped About Jeb Bush Running For President

While he drops hints about his intentions for 2016, Jeb Bush the former Governor of Florida is in South Carolina only weeks away from a deadline that was self imposed about whether he would be running for president. Bush will give the commencement address Monday at the University of South Carolina. This is the second […]