Republican Chairman Speaks to Donald Trump Over Campaign

The Republican Party chairman has called Donald Trump as the Democrats ratcheted up their efforts to tie the presidential candidate and his outspoken comments regarding immigrants and immigration to all presidential candidates from the GOP. Reince Priebus the GOP chairman and Trump spoke on Wednesday over a range of different topics, said the Republican National […]

GOP Candidate Bush Says Snowden Should Get No Leniency

Jeb Bush one of the many presidential candidates from the Republican Party said that former contractor for the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden should not receive any leniency for the leaks he made over the surveillance programs of the government. The former governor of Florida has strongly defended the surveillance programs of the NSA, which […]

Putin Has Reportedly Spoken Twice to Obama about Global Concerns

Vladimir Putin the President of Russia sent President Barack Obama a congratulatory message for the Fourth of July and expressed his confidence that their countries could work together on different global issues that include terror threats. In his congratulatory message, Putin noted that even with differences between them, the relations between them remain one of […]

Will Vice President Joe Biden Run For the White House?

Joseph Biden the United States Vice President has harbored dreams for years of being the president. He has run twice previously, clearly loves political life and has not yet ruled out his third attempt, even though Hillary Clinton is dominating the fundraising and the polls for Democrats. Following the death of his son on May […]

United States and Cuba Reach Agreement for Diplomatic Relations

Cuba and the U.S. reached an agreement that will restore full diplomatic relations and will reopen embassies in both countries, said a senior White House officials on Tuesday. This is the biggest step towards ending more than 50 years of disaccord between the two nations. On Wednesday, President Obama will tell the U.S. of his […]

Attorney General in Texas Calls Gay Marriage Ruling Lawless

Ken Paxton the Attorney General of Texas defended state employees religious liberty on Sunday with a statement saying they would not have to issue any marriage licenses or perform any weddings for same sex couples. He called the ruling Friday by the Supreme Court a lawless one. While critics have seen this as political posturing […]

Univision Drops Pageant Over Comments by Donald Trump

The fledgling presidential bid by Republican Donald Trump led to quick fallout in business for him with Univision. The network said it would drop Trump’s Miss USA pageant from its network and cut all of its ties with Trump due to comments he made about Mexican immigrants. On Thursday, the company announced that it was […]

Bobby Jindal Creates Twitter Storm with Remarks

Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana and the latest U.S. Presidential candidate for the GOP to announce, caused a storm on Twitter in India of insults and jokes after he said he does not like being referred to as an Indian-American. Jindal is the first candidate of Indian origin to join a presidential race in […]

Trade Agenda for Obama Passes Key Hurdle in the Senate

The trade agenda for President Obama passed a major hurdle with a key victory Tuesday when the U.S. Senate voted to advance legislation to allow the fast-track approval of big international trade bills. The outcome of the key procedural vote was in doubt as a group of 14 Democrats who are pro-trade weighed whether to […]

Cruz’s Father Heats Up Campaign with Comments

Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, is an evangelical pastor. He is a Cuban-American who is 76 years old and fled Cuba and the Batista regime during the 1950s. He is a very practiced speaker who can bring evangelicals up to their feet, which is a powerful weapon for son Ted in one of the biggest […]